Our passion is to develop a new breed of apostolic and Prophetic Christian Media with cutting edge creativity and a spirit of excellence; present world class anointed, apostolic, prophetic and supernatural content; relevant, highly creative programming filled with glory and anointing, reconciling man back unto God.

KINGDOM GLOBAL NETWORK stands for everything that Jesus stood for including those most noble qualities such as honesty, integrity, sincerity and excellence. As a God-centered and God-fearing station the Network furthermore undertakes to uphold truth, justice, unity and fairness in all our endeavours. The Network stands opposed to all manner of hate, violence, prejudice and intolerance.

As KINGDOM GLOBAL NETWORK, emphasis is given to treating our partners with due respect, understanding and good faith.

By harnessing the full power of satellite technology and online connectivity, the Network aims to achieve rapid systematic growth in viewership by connecting directly with our viewers through our online application as well as live update features. The Network also aims to achieve quality assurance and accountability in all areas of service through strategic planning, implementation and auditing.

Within a minimum period of two years, KINGDOM GLOBAL NETWORK aims to become a household name across Africa, Europe and North America with viewers associating the brand with a sense of reliability, quality and excellence. Within 5 years, the Network aims to extend its continental reach to include the rest of the globe.